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Maiya's Official Blog - Summer Update

Maiya's Official Blog - Summer Update

Feeling a little restless on the plane today...I usually sleep the entire flight from take-off until landing but for some reason I am wide awake with 4 hours to go...

I'm headed to LPGA qualifying school in Rancho Mirage, CA... So I suppose that could cause a little bit of restlessness. I just wanted to post an update about my game & a little bit about what else is going on from my window seat on my Southwest flight from New York. I have everything booked for my stay and am excited to play! (side note ask any of my friends...I am a skilled Priceline negotiator if you ever need travel assistance!)

The past few days have been excellent practice days at Atlantic. It's been hot and sticky, which scares most lessons away, but excellent practice time for me! I've been playing with the other pros out there and grooving my swing on the range. I feel really ready for the next step in my game. I struggled with chipping a little before, but what's really helped recently was to "feel the turn"... I get a little locked up under pressure. I'm really enjoying it at Atlantic because the other pros help me see things in my own game that is hard for me to notice, also I love the people here! It's nice to have a home base that's supportive and encouraging!

With that said, it's also great to not feel the added pressure of competing I was putting on myself, I'm confident in my preparation and for me it's a win-win because I'm following my dreams to play the tour, but I also know I have all the right tools to do so now and if it doesn't happen right this moment I have a great place to return to next year!

I'm looking to move to West Palm Beach, Florida in the offseason as well. Golfers know there are two Meccas for golfers in the winter: Florida or Arizona. Being around people with similar goals definitely helps to keep you on track, and if anything I'd love to continue to teach and grow my knowledge for the game in the winter. This week will help me decide a lot about what direction I will be headed for next year! Either way it's nice to be happy, healthy and still pursuing the dream on the golf course!

I will keep picture updates and tips on my Instagram @maiyagolf thanks for checking in!