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Maiya's Official Blog - I have exciting news to announce!!

Maiya's Official Blog - I have exciting news to announce!!

I have exciting news to announce!!

I accepted a job as Assistant Teaching Pro at the Atlantic Golf Club in the Hamptons, NY!

I will be moving soon, so I am figuring out how to get my car from San Diego to NY right is a LONG way away! But NY here I come!! I am really excited for this opportunity, and have been in touch with my new boss Rick Hartmann. I have been studying up on teaching and have been training at the Taylormade Kingdom here in San Diego, and taking notes from the best coaches on the west! I realized that last year really helped me to be able to break down a golf swing and piece it back together, and that everyone swings according to their body type so there is no perfect golf swing. I will be helping people achieve the right swing for them, while encouraging proper course management, and the little things you learn from playing so many golf tournaments. With 18 years golf experience so far, I'm excited to open this chapter of my golf career, but don't worry I will still be competing!  My main competitive focus this year will be qualifying for the US Open and preparing for LPGA qualifying school so I can earn my tour card!

One thing that is different about the level of golf us pros play is we forget the little things that are so tough to pick up at the beginning because of how it becomes automatic for us like grip, setup, and being able to just "naturally" swing at the ball. So I decided to teach myself how to swing left handed! It is tough, but also fun to feel like a beginner golfer again. I am excited to challenge myself in this way and it surprisingly gave me so much more confidence in my right handed game! I realized that I did start somewhere, and compared to where I was a few years ago to where I am now with my ball striking, I have to give myself a pat on the back. I think we all tend to be a little hard on ourselves and sometimes it can be really beneficial to take a step back and admire just how far we have come. With that said, I will be posting my lefty swing on instagram @maiyagolf if you want to see me as a "beginner" golfer again. lol! I have a bet with the guys at the golf course that I can break 80 in a year. Let's go! :)

Shoutout to all my southpaws out there!